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14th Jul 2017, 1:39 AM

LJ Phillips

"Welcome to the Krag where all your vices can be indulged. Whether you wanna snort pixie dust or spend an hour in a different body, if you're buying, someone's selling.

Here at the Krag, you can name your poison. Just don't complain if you choke on it."

- Hedwig

This is the world of Silver Bullet Nights where the dead deal drugs and the living are far from human.

Silver Bullet Nights is back! A companion comic to Smoke,Fur And Stone, it takes place in the same world of magic and murder. But SBN focuses on the underworld of illegal potions and people for sale.

It's set in the same timeline as Chasing Ice but takes place on the Krag, the Coven's neighbouring island and follows a different group of characters.

Silver Bullet Nights © and ™ LJ Phillips 2015 -2018. All artwork, concepts and related characters are copyright and trademarks of LJ Phillips. Any unauthorized use of the characters or concepts here will result in legal action.

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