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    25th Apr 2019, 11:05 AM

    LJ Phillips

    Early upload this week due to local flooding.

    Sed's a big guy but there's always someone bigger in the supernatural underworld.

    Notes: Devastating floods hit South Africa this week.

    Relief efforts and cleanup operations are underway after the heavy rain and flooding caused multiple landslides, resulting in structural damage and collapses and loss of life.

    Floods have hit the homeless and informal housing especially hard. You can donate or find out more

    I found that Flight Centre (which is 5 minutes away from me) is doing a donation drive to benefit flood victims. I dropped off some goods and will try to drop off goods daily for the next week or so and encourage others in my country to do likewise.

    For the next month, 1/3 of any income from the comic (such as it is) will be spent on goods for the flood relief donation drives.

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